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Custom Web Design and Web Development

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Custom Web Design & Web Development
Built from the Ground Up


This fashion industry website project consisted of 3 phases of development:

Phase #1

This site was built out as an informative website to provide information with the intention of growing into an ecommerce website.

Phase #2
We developed an interactive questionnaire where users can can choose fashion articles with intelligence behind their responses we created levels for each user. Our client is able to send specific outfits to clients based on their questionnaire responses. The client knows what style each user has chosen, which makes it possible to make unique fashion suggestions.

Phase #3
We integrated eCcommerce and package levels that users can choose from for a more customized experience. We also provided aggressive on-page SEO optimization and included API integrations and a few bells and whistles. Connect with us today to learn more about our Custom Web Design and Web Development.