Project Overview

Digital Agency with a magic touch

Website migration

Digital Agency with a
magic touch


Project Scope:

Our Digital agency was hired to build an informative modern and dynamic website that showcases our clients business and projects .
The website requirements included: a website  built on a content management system, (CMS ),  three photo galleries that were automatic in nature and a unique client testimonial page to show case all the high-end celebrity clients like Madonna, Pharrell, Cher and many other celebs.

Case Study:

Project Objectives:

Customize a WordPress theme  that was modern and mobile responsive and add a plugin gallery with an automatic gallery setting for 3 exclusive gallery projects.

Create a unique page for client testimonials. Our client also wanted a photo shoot of their employees to add to website. Our partner photographers went onsite and took several images of employees and business office in the design district.


Limited budget to under $7k

Unique custom testimonial page with very little direction

Three galleries with more than 45 images each gallery possibly would show done the load time of the website

Client asked us to migrate all content and images and would provide content at a later time


Our clever digital agency built a  really nice WordPress dynamic website that mobile responsive with the required three galleries but had client reduce the amount of images to only the best projects.

We designed a wireframe for the client testimonial page that was unique and interactive. We implemented an interactive affect when the name of the celebs are hoover their testimonial pops up.

We also added some nice colors to compliment our clients brand throughout the website theme.

Added a time-line plugin which nicely show cases our clients history and growth of their company.

Content management system (CMS) and video training/tutorials for our client to continue to maintain and grow their website by adding products and pages.

Our client opted to hire us as their preferred digital agency on retainer to provide monthly web maintenance to the website and keep it up to date.

We also provide the yearly web hosting services for the website and conduct regular ongoing updates to all the plugins and WordPress Content Management System (CMS).