Project Overview

ecommerce web development


Ecommerce Web Development


Project Scope:


Our team customized a WordPress theme and integrated eCommerce Web Development for our client, the Zanmi Beni Foundation, a wonderful foundation born out of terrible tragedy; The Earthquake that devastated Haiti. We added eCommerce Web Development that allowed potential donors to donate contributions via the eCommerce Web Development pages and shopping cart we added.

Other pages include a portfolio, showcasing all the wonderful children and the facility that the Zanmi Beni Foundation has built and continues to build with donor contributions. The website is very informative and has many wonderful rich images throughout that captivate its visitors and provides great retention and low bounce rates. Like all of our websites, this eCommerce Web Development site is mobile-responsive which makes it fluid for tablets and mobile devices.


Case Study:

Project Objectives:

Create an eCommerce Web Development engaging website with a limited budget. Miami Web design actually volunteered 85 hours to this project at no charge to help this wonderful organization.


committee based project with a wonderful and engaging board of directors

with a limited budget

continuous content changes and edits

An eCommerce Web Development gateway ( was recommended but client opted for a donation gateway we were unfamiliar with but we figured it out and installed it.

We exceeded project timeline to six months.


We built a powerful eCommerce Web Development mobile responsive website that tackled every requirement our client needed.

We also provided in-depth training for use of the Content Management System (CMS) and video tutorials for our client to continue to maintain and grow their website. However, our client opted to hire us on retainer to provide monthly web maintenance to the website and keep it congruent with their organizational changes and updates.

We also provide the yearly web hosting services for the website and conduct regular ongoing updates to all the plugins and WordPress Content Management System (CMS).