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Project Scope:


Web Design project that required us  simulating the web design layout of another website (clients’ competitor). Client also needed the ability to manage their website images and content and the website had to be mobile responsive.


Case Study:


Project Objectives:

As a result of a limited budget we recommended  that we customize  an existing WordPress theme rather than building a website from the ground up. However, we found that the design was very custom and the theme would have to be customized to the point that it would not make sense. We decided to build a web design from the ground up to meet our clients needs.


To create custom wire-frames simulating an old website design (almost 5 years old) and not mobile responsive.

Create older design and also make it mobile responsive.

Advise the client that the website they loved is old and out-dated and not mobile responsive

Sample website required so much custom coding  that the final website would be too complex for the client to manage content management system (CMS).


Client trusted us to build a similar web design to competitor’s website but modern, larger and dynamic gallery layout that show cases client’s beautiful  architectural projects

Web Design displayed a large home page slider as opposed to small box layout on  home page like competitor old website

Client loved the modern web design which was also mobile responsive

The web design was built in a way it is easy for the client to access the CMS and manage images and content

Custom wireframes,required some edits -required client sign-off

Custom Mock-ups, required some edits -required client sign-off

Custom Web design, required some edits -required client sign-off

Custom web development and plugin integration

Custom Web design for mobile phone and fluid for tables


fixed any bugs

Final client approval

Website launched

Happy client!

Client has referred several clients since

Web Design agency like no other


Project Scope:

Our web design agency was hired to build a large-scale website for our client the Florida International University (FIU), Alumni department.

Case Study:

Project Objectives:

Our Web design agency team objective was to build a large-scale custom website built from the ground up which included wireframes, mock-ups , custom web design , web development, API integrations :Job Board, Calendar, Blog Feeds.

Website also had to load very quickly to exceed  search engine optimization (SEO) metrics and have the latest in flat design, CSS and ability to grow along side the fast growing Alumni department. Other objectives included regular Skpe meetings, calls and  shared apps to approve wire-frames and mock-ups and get client sign-offs to move along the process.  The website was built on a WordPress platform with several plugin integrations. An FIU  job board plugin was needed and added thats is very robust and very customizable. Future development will be added to restrict it to only be accessible by FIU alumni’s it currently open to public.


Committee based project

Limited bid budget

Extensive web design research

Website needs to load very fast

Our web design agency to figure out how to tie in feeds from their internal  database to output in our website.

Additional plugins not originally on scope were added after the fact and had to be customized to website.


Our web design agency created a unique web design, fast-loading and engaging site – we’re very proud of!

We also provided in depth training of the content management system (CMS) and video tutorials for our client to continue to maintain and grow their website.

However, our client opted to hire us on retainer to provide monthly web maintenance to the website and keep it congruent with their organization.

We also provide the yearly web hosting services for the website and conduct regular ongoing updates to all the plugins and WordPress Content Management System (CMS).

Our web design agency provides on-going web design services and development to help grow the website as needed and update plugins and CMS on version updates.

Custom Web Design & Web Development
Built from the Ground Up


This fashion industry website project consisted of 3 phases of development:

Phase #1

This site was built out as an informative website to provide information with the intention of growing into an ecommerce website.

Phase #2
We developed an interactive questionnaire where users can can choose fashion articles with intelligence behind their responses we created levels for each user. Our client is able to send specific outfits to clients based on their questionnaire responses. The client knows what style each user has chosen, which makes it possible to make unique fashion suggestions.

Phase #3
We integrated eCcommerce and package levels that users can choose from for a more customized experience. We also provided aggressive on-page SEO optimization and included API integrations and a few bells and whistles. Connect with us today to learn more about our Custom Web Design and Web Development.

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