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The Best Web Design Services in Miami

If you need web design services in Miami, there are a number of excellent agencies from which to choose locally in Miami. Some agencies offer fresh takes on tried and true methods while others deliver web page thats current and refreshing and set-up for SEO.By exploring a few of the best local Miami web design companies and the services they provide, you’ll get a better sense of which ones might serve your needs best.

Miami Web Design
If you’re looking for a company that can deliver a website with a style that is fresh and innovative, you’ll want to consider us. Our very own website has a modern and powerful look, with images that are urban and contemporary, so you if what you see you should expect quality of this caliber for your website.  Miami Web Design offers web design services to match modern needs, such as sites that are mobile responsive. They also include you in the development process, allowing you to be sure that you’re getting all the features you need.

7Elements Web Design
This agency offers a blend of style and substance. They will create a site that looks great and is also user ­friendly and appropriate for your niche. If you’re an expert in your own field but not as knowledgeable about the technical details involved in web design services, 7Elements will take care of all those details for you. They will design a new site or redesign your old site, and they offer customized maintenance packages.


Miami Website Designs
This company provides an impressive list of web design services. They will help you to define the scope of your project, as well as plan and research the details for you. The Miami Website Designs team will take care of details such as page layout, color scheme, site security, and infrastructure. They offer beta testing and maintenance, and they can assist you in developing written content, podcasts, and videos.


Design House Agency
This boutique agency has a strong online presence and a very impressive portfolio working with small and national brands. DesignHouse has a team of experts that create or customize WordPress website design, and their design is able to break through all the online noise. The team at this Miami Web Design agency will also work to ensure that your site loads as fast as possible, so potential clients will stay on your site  and engaged. This agency can serve all of your needs for web design services, SEO, design services, brand identity to social media management services.

For the very best of web design services in Miami, these four agencies are all excellent choices with unique strengths and areas of expertise.

Why is Miami Web Design Agency the most recommended Website agency in Miami?


At Miami Web Design Agency we are passionate about web design and our clients tell us it shows in the work we do. Unlike other website agencies at Miami Web Design Agency our team members are leaders and organizers of WordCamp Miami events. We are a top leading agency in everything WordPress and we are always one step ahead in staying abreast of new web technologies that become available and quickly incorporate these new advances into the web projects we build.

 At Miami Web Design Agency, build powerful and well crafted SEO engineered websites that grow as your business grows. Once we build you a website  we updates plugins and the WordPress Content management system so that it continues to evolve and stay current with the ever changing internet. We like to say the website we build are perhaps the best ROI a business can invest. You’ll see returns on your investment the moment we launch your website. Miami Web Design agency is a leader in web design not only in Miami but world wide. Some of our clients we never even see we work with them virtually via online meetings, email, skype and share a workflow project management system to always keep our clients front and center of their web design projects. For client that are local we welcome a face-to face consultation at our creative Miami Office.

 We’ve been building websites for years and we understand how search engines think and process data and for SEO thats more than half the battle. All of our website are structured with an SEO framework. We either train our clients how to grow their SEO or we can provide this service for them on a monthly basis. At Miami Web Design agency we understand the impact or a business’s virtual presence is critical in today’s digital landscape and we make sure our website are mobile responsive and built for success.

 Our SEO is solid and we rank high for major competitive keywords but our most valuable leads are from word-of mouth. When our clients are happy we get recommended and this is the number one source of keeping a business successful. But, don’t take our word for it. Check out our reviews our Google +. Bing and Yahoo. Contact Miami web design agency for your free consultation today!


Some of our clients include CrewMiami and some of the largest Real-estate websites in Miami.

 web design trends

Web Design Trends for 2014

 Web design trends are constantly evolving. There’s always something bigger, better and more exciting to capture the attention of target audiences and give businesses more options to leverage the power of online marketing. The latest in web design trends for 2014 include:

1. Responsive and adaptive design

If you feel your job is done by having a mobile site, think again. People not only want to access your site on hand-held devices, but expect a comfortable viewing experience and quick loading times. Here’s where responsive web design comes in – it allows you to maintain fluid and adaptive design of the website layout to deliver an optimal viewing experience across every device.

2. Mobile-friendly navigation

When browsing the internet on your phone or tablet, you cannot hover like you do on desktop browsing. Designers will explore architectural solutions that make navigation and browsing on mobile devices easier. Big buttons and touch-centric features will be added to deliver a good mobile user experience. The web design trend is expected to take off in a big way very soon in 2014.

3. Retina-ready sites

 On high-resolution screens, graphic-heavy website elements invariably make navigation quite frustrating. Here’s where the new ‘retina-ready’ trend comes in handy. It involves the incorporation of code snippets in sites to understand the nature of the device being used by visitors, and provides the right image quality in accordance with the display. This web design concept is expected to become popular in the coming year, given that it allows sharper images and enhanced aesthetics for visitor satisfaction. View Retina web design samples.

4. Focus on typography and content

 Another web design trend that is picking up some speed is the focus on typography and lean content to deliver a nice and pleasing user experience. Heavy designs will be discarded in favor of CSS3, clean lines, aesthetic yet easy-to-read typography and subtle patterns and imagery. This web design trend will cater to the modern-day mobile users – seniors and kids included – who own iPhones, tablets and smartphones.

5. More exciting and appealing web animations

 New and emerging ways to develop plug-ins using CSS3 and HTML5 have given WordPress users an opportunity to create stunning animations for their site. Copy-paste animations are also possible with the emergence of several snippets. With so many options your web design can deliver more value and keep your users engaged. See some JQuery animations.

There are many other web design trends still in the pipeline and expected to be revealed in the upcoming months. Stay connected with us at Miami Web Design for more Web design trends and sign up for our quarterly newsletter (bottom footer area).

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web design trends

In the last decade, most brick-and-mortar retail stores have realized both the security and financial opportunities that come with investing in an e-commerce website. Electronic-commerce, or e-commerce, is a form of shopping where one can buy and sell a good or service over the Internet. In the past, businesses were concerned about the cost of maintaining both a physical storefront and an online one, but creating and maintaining a website have become increasingly affordable, with agencies such as ours working with different budgets that will neither hinder design nor functionality.

website UI/UX design

More importantly, there is a lot of money to be made with e-commerce. According to eMarketer, in 2012, “[business to consumer, or B2C] e-commerce website sales grew 21.1% to top $1 trillion for the first time” in Internet history. As such, I would be surprised to know of any United States-based business that is hesitant to sell online. And those numbers are only expected to grow significantly in the coming years.

So if you have decided to enter into the e-commerce business, then here are a number of things to remember before you build your dream online store:

  • Well-designed and visually pleasing (aka not crowded with a lot of written content or overwhelming use of images). This includes making sure it is retina ready!
  • Easy to use. One example of this is the checkout process. Some websites have decided to make it even easier for customers to purchase items by bypassing the ‘create an account’ feature. All they have to do is provide their email address, billing and mailing addresses, and the purchase is successfully completed.
  • Utilize SEO-friendly URLs
  • Fast Site speed. You don’t want a user spending too much time waiting for your e-commerce website to open and run. This will impact their experience and possibly deter them from coming back.
  • Ability to give you reports and statistics necessary to measure success of your e-commerce website
  • Ability to integrate easily into your physical business operations programs and product catalog
  • Easy to update

Even after you have implemented all of the above, you aren’t done yet.  In addition, it is important that every e-commerce website be mobile-friendly. Mobile devices were believed to be a place where online “window” shopping occurred, but that has clearly changed. Last year alone, consumers spent $25 billion on purchases made from phones and tablets, which was an increase of 81 percent from 2011. A mobile-friendly website still needs to be simple, easy-to-use, and SEO-friendly, but you can also simply create a mobile app version of your website for any phone or tablet. We have been creating mobile apps for years and are able to create either option for our clients. Learn more here.

Lastly, with the advent of e-commerce, social media has become an excellent customer service tool, where customers post and read reviews. While this seems scary at first since it is all out in the open, it is actually a great way to track the success (or failure) of a product and/or service and marketing campaigns. Essentially, it is an opportunity to learn and better your business, both online and offline.

At Miami Web Design, we ensure that all of our clients who come to us to develop a new or revamp an existing website, e-commerce or not, are offered all of the above criteria needed to have a successful online business.  Not only will it make your website look modern and up-to-date, but it will leave an impressionable mark on your customers!





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