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A great website is not your typical drag and drop web builder. Building a professional website that is optimized and loved by Google takes planning, research, engaging design and good clean coding. Research is key in developing the initial strategy of a site. It will help establish the unique brand and appeal to a predefined target audience. Creating engaging design involves developing the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI); two very important parts of planning a website layout and design. The UX designer creates the plan that will make the website work best. The UI designer implements the plan by generating the visual layout for the website. In many cases, the UX and UI designer is the same person. See example of a before and after of UI/UX design layout change.

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It is important to have an interface that users can understand and navigate through easily. Creating a user friendly interface makes the user experience richer and ensures a low bounce rate; however, in order to create the ideal interface, it is important to know your prospective site users. Who is the target market and what do they want? To answer these questions, a UX designer creates a persona for the target market. Next, research the user. Popular methods include interviews and surveys with sample users, usability testing, and contextual inquiry. The findings are used to figure out what will keep the user’s attention so they continue navigating through the website.

The UX designer shares their findings with the UI designer, who then plans out the interface. Some general tips in creating a good user interface are: to use clear language that all users will understand; merge similar pages, too many pages becomes difficult to navigate through; put labels on top of buttons so users know exactly what they are doing; use consistency throughout the website, including color scheme and typography; use proper spacing between widgets, text and images; and finally, use recognizable symbols, known across the web, such asfor trash and for settings. All of these tips, along with the research from the UX designer, will create a user friendly interface for your website.


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