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The Best Web Design Services in Miami

If you need web design services in Miami, there are a number of excellent agencies from which to choose locally in Miami. Some agencies offer fresh takes on tried and true methods while others deliver web page thats current and refreshing and set-up for SEO.By exploring a few of the best local Miami web design companies and the services they provide, you’ll get a better sense of which ones might serve your needs best.

Miami Web Design
If you’re looking for a company that can deliver a website with a style that is fresh and innovative, you’ll want to consider us. Our very own website has a modern and powerful look, with images that are urban and contemporary, so you if what you see you should expect quality of this caliber for your website.  Miami Web Design offers web design services to match modern needs, such as sites that are mobile responsive. They also include you in the development process, allowing you to be sure that you’re getting all the features you need.

7Elements Web Design
This agency offers a blend of style and substance. They will create a site that looks great and is also user ­friendly and appropriate for your niche. If you’re an expert in your own field but not as knowledgeable about the technical details involved in web design services, 7Elements will take care of all those details for you. They will design a new site or redesign your old site, and they offer customized maintenance packages.


Miami Website Designs
This company provides an impressive list of web design services. They will help you to define the scope of your project, as well as plan and research the details for you. The Miami Website Designs team will take care of details such as page layout, color scheme, site security, and infrastructure. They offer beta testing and maintenance, and they can assist you in developing written content, podcasts, and videos.


Design House Agency
This boutique agency has a strong online presence and a very impressive portfolio working with small and national brands. DesignHouse has a team of experts that create or customize WordPress website design, and their design is able to break through all the online noise. The team at this Miami Web Design agency will also work to ensure that your site loads as fast as possible, so potential clients will stay on your site  and engaged. This agency can serve all of your needs for web design services, SEO, design services, brand identity to social media management services.

For the very best of web design services in Miami, these four agencies are all excellent choices with unique strengths and areas of expertise.

Why is Miami Web Design Agency the most recommended Website agency in Miami?


At Miami Web Design Agency we are passionate about web design and our clients tell us it shows in the work we do. Unlike other website agencies at Miami Web Design Agency our team members are leaders and organizers of WordCamp Miami events. We are a top leading agency in everything WordPress and we are always one step ahead in staying abreast of new web technologies that become available and quickly incorporate these new advances into the web projects we build.

 At Miami Web Design Agency, build powerful and well crafted SEO engineered websites that grow as your business grows. Once we build you a website  we updates plugins and the WordPress Content management system so that it continues to evolve and stay current with the ever changing internet. We like to say the website we build are perhaps the best ROI a business can invest. You’ll see returns on your investment the moment we launch your website. Miami Web Design agency is a leader in web design not only in Miami but world wide. Some of our clients we never even see we work with them virtually via online meetings, email, skype and share a workflow project management system to always keep our clients front and center of their web design projects. For client that are local we welcome a face-to face consultation at our creative Miami Office.

 We’ve been building websites for years and we understand how search engines think and process data and for SEO thats more than half the battle. All of our website are structured with an SEO framework. We either train our clients how to grow their SEO or we can provide this service for them on a monthly basis. At Miami Web Design agency we understand the impact or a business’s virtual presence is critical in today’s digital landscape and we make sure our website are mobile responsive and built for success.

 Our SEO is solid and we rank high for major competitive keywords but our most valuable leads are from word-of mouth. When our clients are happy we get recommended and this is the number one source of keeping a business successful. But, don’t take our word for it. Check out our reviews our Google +. Bing and Yahoo. Contact Miami web design agency for your free consultation today!


Some of our clients include CrewMiami and some of the largest Real-estate websites in Miami.

How a Website Redesign Might Just Be the Best Lead Generation Tool of All

Website Redesign

When it comes to generating leads, your most powerful tool in your arsenal may very well be a website redesign. By undergoing a complete website redesign, your website could start to generate more leads for your business than ever before. Many websites are nothing more than a glorified brochure for a company, but with a little tinkering your site can do so much more. Learn why a makeover in the form of website redesign could be beneficial to your business’s lead generation.

Every Page Counts
Lead generation, which is basically the use of marketing processes to stimulate and capture consumer interest in your product or service for the purpose of building sales, must involve every single page of your website. According to Forbes, rather than simply glossing over the top navigation categories and their associated pages when doing a website redesign, it’s necessary to take a look at every single page and ask: what is the result you’re aiming to achieve with the content and how do you want people to respond? Each page needs to be designed to further a goal, whether it’s encouraging visitors to subscribe to a newsletter or make a purchase.

Don’t Forget Mobile Capabilities
At the heart of website redesign is mobility, efficiency, navigability and ease of use. It’s not enough to have a catchy desktop version of your website these days. In order to capture the most consumers at the most opportune times—such as when they’re out shopping and want to make price comparisons—you have to ensure your design adapts to whatever mobile device they’re using. According to Search Engine Watch, nearly 75 percent of users say they would revisit a website if it was user-friendly and displayed well on a mobile phone. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re missing out on a huge audience.

Make Your Content Work
The type and tone of your content is a crucial part of your website redesign. Compelling, well-written copy pulls the reader in and encourages her to stay, which may lead to more sales or at least a further action on her part, such as contacting you for more information. As such, you need to make sure your home page communicates exactly what it is that you’re selling and what benefit your company provides for the user. The overall tone should be conversational, the text should be educational in nature but not boring, and the content should be relevant and up-to-date at all times to avoid appearing stagnant. When implementing your website redesign, each page should have a clear call to action for different phases of the buying process. The call to action is where you convert browsers into paying customers, so make it count!

If you’re hoping to step up your lead generation game, a website redesign might be just what the doctor ordered.

e-commerce web designer 

Does your E-commerce Web Designer have the right skill set?

The best e-commerce websites are secure, aesthetic appealing, functional and user-friendly. Developing successful websites requires a team of professionals that are experienced and knowledgeable in web design and development. You can see these skills if they have them in the work they have done. The web designer’s responsibility is to create the site’s look and feel while making it user friendly, responsive and aesthetic appealing. The web developers focus is on the functional aspects of the e-commerce website. Web developers must be equipped with specific skills to be able to deliver. What are some of the skills necessary to being a professional e-commerce web designer?


Proficiency in developing the critical features of e-commerce sites

An e-commerce web designer must have a flair for visual design and proficiency with technology. He/she must be capable of creating aesthetically-pleasing website designs and also have sufficient coding skills in HTML, CSS, XML and PHP to implement the design using any number of web platforms or tools. Unlike a web developer who creates tools or applications to develop or enhance a website, web designers are responsible for creating the visual aspects of a site and using the right tools for success. However, some e-commerce web designer roles may call for a bit of development knowledge/experience.


The critical features of an e-commerce site that a web designer must be proficient in, include:

Shopping cart and merchant gateways: Extensive knowledge of shopping carts and gateways and purchasing application into your site, that is secure and it allows visitors to browse, search for and buy your products. Besides having hands-on expertise with shopping carts and merchant gateways, designers must also ensure that all aspects of the shopping cart and checkout process are secure.

Web design: An e-commerce web designer must ensure that the site has an appealing look and feel, while also providing intuitive responsive navigation, strong branding and a compelling call-to-action. The designer must be able to incorporate search features and easy-to-use menus that deliver a good user experience and encourage browsing.

Often, an e-commerce web designer will need to make a decision about the images and that are part of the website. High resolution images are very important to sites, but slows down the site’s loading time. So optimizing images along with good hosting can help speed up the load times. A gallery slide show with good messaging emphasis on a strong call to action  as opposed to just plain images, are some of the multiple options an e-commerce web designer must explore to deliver results in line with expectations.

Social media and blog integration: An experienced e-commerce web designer will know that social media and blog integration can be done in different ways. He/she must collaborate with other key stakeholders to understand and translate design and integration requirements into solutions that drive business results.

Some qualifications/skill-sets of a seasoned e-commerce web designer

  • A comprehensive understanding of the internet in relation to e-commerce websites, cross-browser compatibility, web 2.0 standards and image optimization
  • Working knowledge of PHP, CSS, HTML, JQuery and JavaScript,
  • Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
  • The e-commerce web designer must have an understanding of interactive user experience, typography and content management systems (CMS) as well as responsive web design. At Miami Web Design Agency all of our website include responsive web design as part of every website development.

As part of all the skill-sets we have listed the most important is for you to do your homework. It’s critical that you see samples of past websites they have built. Also contacting client references and reading their client reviews is so important. Another detail that goes unnoticed is, do you like your web agency’s website? If you do, you are sure to love your new website. For more on E-commerce web design or visit our portfolio.

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