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Google Panda Update July 18th 2013

Google Panda Update


Google Panda pushes out another Panda update today July 18th 2013. Read more on Google Panda updates.   Matt Cuts on spammy domains.


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  • OrangeIdea says:

    Video Post testing

  • Edward J. Taylor says:

    Panda was also called the Player when it was updated when Google had arrived on the scene in March 2011. It had rejiggered a lot of search engine final results and had misused the internet website ratings that were pressed with some other site ratings. Men and women who participated were worried about it ever since. It has had various updates and versions that have been implemented and has emerged the formula. A number of people have asked a number of questions like what have they been carrying on about the Panda?

  • Antwan V. Moran says:

    Google panda is the most recent update in Google search algorithm. Any person with even slight knowledge about Search engine optimization would surely have heard about it. The unique name ‘panda’ derives its root from the name of an Indian Google engineer, who has designed this algorithm.